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1) Changing your mind set.
Over coming obstacles, being in control of your body, trying over and over to get a difficult move then nailing it, that feeling of accomplishment spills over into all areas of your life.
If you are a naturally pessimistic person, or someone who lives their lives based on `sods law` then, mastering a pole dance sequence or trick will soon teach you that actually, you CAN do ANYTHING you want to!
Seeing a really difficult pose or trick you want to hold or master, and working hard to get it, polish it and add it to your `bag of tricks` is an empowering journey to go on.

2) Zen and escapism.
Most pole work requires 100% concentration, you need to keep your balance, you cant risk letting go, easing up a qrip and falling off. The effect of this pure concentration is a sharper, more clear mind. For most Polers it is the easiest way to lift the weight of your world off your shoulders, its impossible to worry about everyday problems while holding a balance move, or getting used to a painful move, or pushing through a strength move. Its a healthier addiction than booze, junk food, shopping…

3) Changing your Shape
Pole Dance involves using your body in a way you most likely will not have done before. You will (in the beginner classes) hold your weight for very brief moments, you will use your core to keep balance and to lift your legs, you will dance at class and burn calories. If this is done regularly (weekly), your body will adapt. It will not be able to adapt without changing shape a little. The more you do at class, the more you are able to progress to the more difficult Pole moves, the more you adapt to, the more your shape changes. Simples. This once a week practise is great to add to existing exercise classes for maximum impact.

The second way is to get a pole at home and use it at least 3 times a week, this brings you the same results as above but more intensified, as the progress onto the harder Pole moves will be faster. The body will adapt and change shape quicker. With this method you may need no other form of fitness in order to stay in peak shape, as Pole Dance will hit on your flexibility, strength and cardio.
Pole Dance is constantly progressive and loads of fun, so you never feel like your actually having a work-out. The best thing about it, is that it is addictive, so it never feels like chore.
We all know that taking up Pole as a regular hobby will increase strength and your palm grip and tone your body.

Did you know it also sharpens your reflexes, and improves balance and coordination?

Well now you do.

There are of course loads more reasons why Pole rules, these are just the 3 that if I had my way, EVERYONE could experience.

The first few months of everyone’s Pole journey can be difficult, but stick at it.
Because the rewards are so high, its bound to be difficult.

Start now, you will kick yourself for not starting years ago!


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