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What to expect at your first pole dance class?

Even though pole dance classes blew up in popularity over the past decade, it is still the norm for many people not to have any idea what goes on inside one. Some even may have an outdated view of pole dance classes being an avenue for `learning how to be sexy for your man`.
Lets get one thing straight, pole classes can teach a women how to use her full bodies potential strength wise, how to install her own home pole, with her own sets of alan keys and spanners, and how gracefully dead lift an invert as well as perfect the slinkiest body wave. Then the person she is obviously doing all this for- is herself.

An invert is any upside down trick (pose or combination of tricks strung together), btw. Which obviously is Intermediate level, and not to be expected in any beginner classes. As a beginners we would build core, shoulder, back and arm strength, gradually and safely, over time.

Mixing easy dance steps in between learning spins (spinning for an hour would get even the most seasoned professional feeling dizzy). And gradually adding sits, one step climbs and easy lift reps.
With a cardio warm-up and stretch cool-down, you really do have an all round work-out program,

Yes, moisturiser is banned, for the day of your pole class at least. Yes, there is also wow factor high heels  involved, but they are not compulsory (but they are gorgeous). And short shorts (or shorts that can be rolled up for 5minutes) are needed for pole sits. With pole dance classes you have the choice of either glamming it up or staying athletic and bare foot, and in all Defy Gravity classes it has always been a joyous 50/50 split. (I personally am a Sport Bra/Hotpants/8inch chrome heel, kinda gal. With hoody on top in Winter)
If you want to know what the real deal is for yourself when it comes to pole dance classes, then you are very welcome at my classes.

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