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I get asked this a lot.

And it is a difficult question to answer and the answer is ancient. For this blog, I will only talk about the movements, and a group class setting. We go deeper into how and why SP works inside Scarlet Temple, of course.

It has elements of stripper style floor work and pole dance in it. It has elements of belly dance in it. Yet it is neither of those things, as it is NOT performative. Plus the vibe is that of a silent Ashtanga practice, as in no one talks once the hour long class has started and everyone concentrates on their own practice rather than watching others. But it is neither stripper style dance, belly dance or yoga. Plus it is done to loud music to help you immerse .

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

It is non competitive. It is not a performance art. There is no point showing off during a Serpent Power class, as no one is watching.

Even though there is a pole element to some of the practice, you will always keep one foot on the floor. It is easily do-able and accessible to everyone.

It is not skill based. So no one can be good or bad at it, or better at it than anyone else.

There are no flexibility or strength goals to strive for. The movements are easy, that’s the entire point. If any of the moves were difficult you would be too busy concentrating on that to ever be able to let go and loose yourself during it.

The movements are hot! They are lascivious. They not hint at feminine sexuality like chiffon and butterflies. They channel it like an ominous, rumbling volcanic lava flow.

You use these movements to take your awareness away from the everyday mundane, tap into your archaic wildness and thus express yourself without limits. So you can be your true, real self. Even if its just for an hour.

The movements are easy, repeated, and then built on to create a longer set of sequences leading to a crescendo by the apex of the practice.

It is uninhibited, untamed sensual movement meditation for the wildest of womxn.

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