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Soulful Sluttery and Red Velvet


That big lie that our sexuality’s purpose is for the pleasure of someone else.

But what if, actually, its first and main purpose, the reason is it so powerful, is because it is for our own use ONLY. Even when shared it is ours first, foremost and only. Even if I share it. Even if I share as much as I want to, or if I chose never to its always still mine.

As an example, if I had a Red Velvet Cake, and I gave you a dessert fork to share it with me, its still mine. Its not yours, I choose to share it with you. I choose to share something of mine with you.

Also, I do not own the Red Velvet primarily for you.

Red Velvet Cake is pretty damn good. But its nowhere near as glorious and powerful as your owning your own sexuality. If you’re wondering how, or why:

What if that Red Velvet was, for example, gilded in gold?

What is that Red Velvet was able to solve multiple human problems very easily?

What if it had a power that was so tangible it caused envy or anger in those who could not own it?

It would cause quite a stir in the equilibrium of things if you knew the power of harnessing it. If everyone did it would change everything. If we no longer felt shame, or no longer had that `not good enough` or `not sexy enough` feeling…just think how much money you would save! How would you live? How would you carry yourself? How would you dress? Would you feel free?

If someone did not want you to have that Red Velvet gilded in gold, that could solve a million problems, that gave a person such unshakable power. What would they do?

Well one way would be to change the story of this rare gold and teach people that the gold is actually useless, frail and brittle.

Or that actually it caused more problems than it solved.

The easiest way to obtain something unattainable and powerful is to convince everyone else that the ones who already own it are wrong, and that they actually have something worthless. So they give it away.

Suddenly its powerless in the eyes of those too short sighted to look back at once was.

It is this easy to make soulful sexuality and harnessing the power of it, be seen as something shameful to want to be involved in. And thus is was easy remove the deep soulfulness from sluttery. To give love and lust rules for society. That love or abstinence is an honourable state to attain, and lust is the cheap take away food version.

There is so much power in Lust and those who are able to harness it as a power that is for themselves only. The secrets of this have been lied about and hidden from us for centuries past.

Its time to relearn the experience of the `Harlot` as a healthy soul deep truth. If you feel there is something missing when you try, it might be because of the lies have prevented you fully seeing what is yours?

Whether to choose to share or not is irrelevant.

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