BUNZ & Bliss Point In-Studio

£40.00 / month

Two class a week subscription for non-pole dancers who would love the physical benefits of a pole dancer body.




This two class a week subscription for non-pole dancers, that will give all the benefits of a strong and flexible pole dancer body without attending pole dance classes.

BUNZ Tuesdays at 8pm:

A fast paced class that focuses on upper body strength first, especially the shoulders and back. Then follows with dynamic, butt building and core work, plus active flexibility for super strong legs. Ending with goal orientated stretches for both sides Front Splits, Side Splits and Pancake.

Bring yoga mat and water.


Bliss Point Thursdays at 8pm:

A relaxing, non-goal oriented, restorative, feel good flexibility class. The perfect time to release any physical or mental stress and tension from your work week so as not to bring it into your weekend. This is your time to completely let go and check out from the busyness of life for an hour.

Bring yoga mat, a blanket and a cushion/pillow for your head.


Please note:

Both classes assume a very basic level of fitness but is not available to those with injuries. Please get in touch for advice on whether these classes are right for you.


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