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Below is a post for International Womens Days that I posted on my Facebook wall. The replies I got from it surprised me. Just when I thought I was one of the most open minded people I know, I got schooled!

I learned that SO many women could relate to what I wrote. So many women find it a battle simply to go from A to B in the world. I knew slut shaming was not a small problem. But the responses blew me away. So, just in case you can relate too. I included the post in the Blog here, for you:

Happy International Womens Day!

That includes those you may have called a slut before. Or if you are extra classy, a “Slaaaaaaaaaag”.

I think I was pre-teen when I had all of the above yelled out at me. Its quite difficult to be a slut when you’re a pre-teen but there we are. I was only walking to the shops.

Apparently I had a walk. I have had compliments on the way I walk. I have also caused unwanted attention. Again, like the above.

Meh, small village vibe…

I was slut shamed before I was even a slut (yeah I said that and yeah I know what I said there). All the way through school. No wonder I felt comfort at the strip club.

“Hahaha she complained about being called a slut but then got a job at at str….”

You seem to be missing the point.

I honestly thought DG would never take off because of where I lived. Because of how easy it is to use slut shaming as a slur in a small town where everyone knows everyone.

Boy, was I wrong. I remember in the early years having to bring my lunch and dinner with me as I would be teaching for hours upon hours!

I would teach that walk, that feminine flow, all the `slutty` moves from the club and I was (and still am) super busy.

So, for anyone out there, no matter what gender, who has been yelled at in the street for walking with your chin up and sway in your hips because for some reason you just cant help it and you were born that way. Come to me. And we can excel in everything that we are.

And for anyone who has slut shamed another, you can come to me too. Its all good. I’ll explain to you why these words don’t mean anything, they are just used to try and keep women small. And why would you ever need to do that?

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