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Is Serpent Power the filthiest movement method there is?


Is Serpent Power meant to be the filthiest movement method out there? Nope.

I was having a chat with someone last week about SP, and I got the impression that SP is supposed to be one of the filthiest movement modalities in Pole. (Btw, non-polers who area reading this- filthy is a compliment to Pole Dancers) 😉

But it’s not, and it was never meant to be the filthiest, that’s not what it’s for.

Yes, its sensual movement and dance. And yes there is nothing stopping your session being raw and primal. But it can also be calming and soothing. Etherial and Otherworldly. It can be angry and passionate. It can be gentle.It depends what mood you’re in, what you need and what music is on.

But filth is not the sole aim of the game with SP.

A list of things people have told me they have used SP for:

For Magick (SP makes it easy to build and release a working).

For Vanity and Self Love (mirror work)

For Meditation (let your consciousness be distracted by your movement while you slip past and spend the session with your subconscious, the essence of movement meditation).

Purely for dance (In my studio you can tell the ones who come to SP a mile away. Super Slinky and creative)

For Crossing the Lethe/Ditch/Hedge (my personal fave for solo sessions)

And of course that deeper, too hard to explain thing that happens. If you have been doing SP long enough, you’ll know.

What is also exciting about SP:

Non weight bearing (one foot stays on the floor the entire time)

Non skill based (you can’t be ‘bad’ at Serpent Power)

Level 2 is a no talking class once the music starts, just like an Ashtanga Mysore class. (perfect for introverts)

So, yes, I designed SP and of course it would have to be a sensual movement method as that’s what I prefer working with. And yes, because its MY kind of dance and movement it’s gonna be more lascivious than your average sensual movement class. But keep the filth-wars. SP has SO much more to offer you than that.

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