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Classique Pole Dance and Sensual Movement
In-Studio and Online

Its time to step into your confidence and embody your strength and sensuality.

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What brought you here?

Admit it, everyone wants to be able to do those super cool tricks that pole dancers do. To move as gracefully as they do; the poise, the posture. They look like they are flying and gliding across the floor as they dance.

Well, the opportunity to learn how to do this is open to you NOW! Today!

There is nothing stopping you from finding out what its all about. What the pole feels like, what a spin feels like, how to gain solid core confidence that will make you walk and stand tall, even outside of the studio!

Imagine, if in one month, you’ll no longer be someone who says “I have always wanted to try pole dancing”, you will be someone who CAN pole dance?
You will know your spins, sits, climbs, sits and all the dance moves and floorwork that go in between!

Your body will feel good, strong, flexible and you’ll have such a great relationship with it. Having moved away from the cultural norm of judging it for its size or how it looks and instead respecting it for what it can do.
Imagine being the secret superstar on the school run or during the main shop; no one knows about your glamorous double life inside the studio where you can dance like a ethereal being who also has ninja skills!

You deserve something to look forward to!

A pole studio is a unique place. The vibe, the encouragement and support from your fellow members, the flattering lighting (it even smells amazing in my studio, scent is everything to me).
If you have not felt inspired by visiting brightly lit, overly loud venues before, then small classes in a laid back, beautiful environment may be your thing?

If you have never done anything like a pole dance class then trust me when I say our Beginners class IS Beginners class. You really don’t have to be already strong or flexible to start. I still remember how it felt the first time I tried to do something on a pole over 20 years ago. I haven’t forgotten that feeling at all, so I understand exactly what you’ll need in those the first few weeks. And a few consecutive weeks is usually all it takes to get your mind around this new thing that is pole dancing. And then it all starts making sense, you start learning the lingo, browsing pole wear websites and discovering why pole dancers are such women-friendly confident people.
Its all so exciting!

I bet I know what’s going through your mind right now, so to allay those fears…

  • You don’t have to be flexible or strong to start, you’ll get those benefits from classes.
  • You don’t have to have done dance or weights before you start, pole is for everyone.
  • You don’t have to dance in front of anyone at class, no one gets singled out.
  • Shorts/leggings, tee shirts and socks are all you need to wear.
  • Women of all ages attend my classes.

We would love you to join us!

You have found your Third Place, your Coven, your Sanctuary…

Introducing Defy Gravity!

Discover your potential, love your body, have fun!

Classes for you:

You will see below that Defy Gravity has classes for every level and dance interest. Whether your aim is to train hard and fly high, or soften with feminine dance and keep your feet firmly on the Earth.

You can join one or all of the following class options. Classes are small and personal so you’ll get bespoke attention from me to aide you on your dance and movement journey. Here’s a breakdown of the classes included in your membership and the incredible benefits you’ll enjoy:

Pole Dance

Beginner level, Improver Level and The Upside Down Club.

Most start here in their introduction to DG classes.

VIP Hours

One2One or Two2One private classes.

These are a great way to try out any of our offerings before joining a group class. Choose your hour by going to the Shop page.

The Dance Hour

The dance only class. We stay on the floor for this challenging, cerebral choreo and floor tricks class.

Serpent Power

Sensual Movement Meditation Method. If you like yoga or belly dance or breathwork or all of the above then SP is for you! A grounded movement class, using prompts to create your signature sensual movement that ends in ecstatic dance.


A high energy class to give all the perks and benefits that pole dance would: Legs that are strong and easy to lift, glutes that support flexible hips, arms that support your bodyweight, plus cardio and core conditioning.

Bliss Point

Feel good restorative stretch class to end the week with. Focusing on all over mobility. Using contract/release method to squeeze out the stress and tension of the week from your muscles leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

Scarlet Temple

The online studio library containing DG class content for home use. Spins, tricks, choreo, flexibility and Serpent Power included.

At Defy Gravity, your satisfaction and success are our top priorities. We’re excited to have you as a member and look forward to delivering on our promise to provide you with exceptional value, support, and a thriving, supportive community. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with spins, hip sways, body love and soulful experiences .

What members have to say…

I can honestly say the most empowered I've felt was belonging to your tribe.

Keryn W

I love how inclusive and supportive DG is. That everyone encourages each other and cheers each other one. The camaraderie and energy is unmatched!

Sian WSubtitle

Hi, pleased to meet you!

I’m Jamie Taylor and I will be your instructor and coach.

I have been living, breathing and teaching pole dance since 2006.

My teaching superpowers are that I’m funny, I’m friendly and more importantly I see you! I hold space for your independent growth inside my studio.

My speciality is teaching adult feminine dance in a way that honours you and respects you. I see you in your potential, not your flaws.
My studio culture is non-competitive, non-slut shaming, no haters allowed, non-patronising and drama free.
I would love to meet you at my studio in the hope it becomes your sanctuary for your most inspired expression of your ultimate self.


£55/ month
  • In-Studio classes
  • Any 5 classes a month
  • Flexible Membership
  • Great for shift workers and holidays
  • Upgrade to 10 classes a month is available
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£660/ year
  • In-Studio classes
  • 60 classes
  • Flexible membership
  • Great for shift workers and holidays
  • Annual Plan Bonus:
  • FREE access to Scarlet Temple online library.
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£20/ month
  • Online video library
  • 70+ tutorials
  • Choreo, spins, tricks and stretch.
  • Serpent Power included
  • Old School Legwork course
  • Old School Bodywork course
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