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Steven Retchless workshops

At the beginning of Winter, Defy Gravity owner Jamie's dream came true: Steven Retchless came to teach workshops! Steven is Jamie's favourite pole dancer on the planet, and dancing with him was one of her bucket list wishes. Steven stayed for almost a week, came to classes and fitted in like one of the family. Everyone at the studio misses him very much. Jamie now teaches Stevens own Choreo at Tuesdays at 7pm. See the video below of the photoshoot fun we had once the workshops were done.

Annual Student Showcase - Autumn 2016

In Autumn 2016 we had our annual student showcase. Several members performed, as well as Defy Gravity Instructors Jamie and Erin. Plus guest performer Kitty Velour. The show raised almost £200 for Greenacres Animal Rescue. The day after we had a fantastic workshop taught by Kitty on Booty, Twerk, Floorwork and Stripper Knicker Tricks!
See the video below for Kittys special performance:

Keryn is our Member of the Month

"Pole dance is something I strongly recommend all women to partake in at least once in their lives.

These days women are bombarded with how we should look from a young age, the ideals of the 'perfect' woman's body. As women often don't appreciate what our body can achieve simply because it does not meet the standard set by society.

Something I've not openly spoke about is that I was guilty of this, in fact I would even go as far to say I would class myself as having an eating disorder in my teenage years. I was obsessed with how 'skinny' I could be rather than being healthy and strong. I dramatically dropped to a UK size 5 - for my height and body type this was a far cry from healthy. The scary thing was no matter how thin I got it was never good enough, where people saw skin and bones, I could see fat. Even the aftermath years were awful, although I ate I was obsessed with maintaining a size 8 clothing size but then I joined pole.. my life changed, my body changed, my confidence grew, I became EMPOWERED.



So why am I sharing this with you? Well it's simple really.. If there's one thing I can make stick with you it's that life is more than just your clothing size; a number on a label or a scales does not show what you've has been through, the type of person you are, or the amazing things yourself and your body can achieve. Stop living by numbers and start being proud of your body, it's the only one you'll ever have. I'm so thankful I had the courage to start pole dance, or else I would never of learned how to be confident, strong and sexy. It is a mindset to love yourself, and you'll be better off for it.

Stop comparing yourself to others, and start seeing what you can do. It's okay not to meet the standards set by the media. The models don't either.. that's why Photoshop exists. We should be empowering ourselves and others rather than tearing each other down.

Life starts when you love your body, it's okay to have things you want to improve, we all do.. after all we're human.

A huge thank you to my girls, my tribe, the bonds formed from this incredible journey are indescribable!"

Sarah is our Member of the Month!

How long have you been a Pole Dancer at Defy Gravity?

I will have been coming to Defy Gravity for exactly a year at the beginning of April. I did a few lessons a few years ago when I was in college but I couldn't keep it up back then.

What made you start Pole?

It's something I have always been attracted to. I've never been one for normal exercise classes, none of them have ever really appealed to me, but pole is different. There's just something about the mix of being able to do the fun, sexy choreo along with all the amazing benefits of the strength and fitness training. There's always something new to learn every week so you never get bored of it.

member of the Month - Defy Gravity

How has coming to DG classes enhanced your life? And what have you gained since coming to classes?

Well for starters I'm now much stronger than I used to be! I have horses as well and the improved core strength and leg muscles etc has really helped my riding. I find my classes so enjoyable, Jamie is a fab teacher, patient when needed but she also pushes me just far enough to improve my confidence and help me achieve moves I wouldn't think I'd be able to do. I have a pole at home too so I can train whenever I want. I find pole really addictive, and despite how physical it is also strangely relaxing. No matter how busy a day I've had at work and how tired I am, I'm always left feeling happy and positive after a pole session.

Do you have any advice for anyone just starting out?

Take every achievement as it comes and celebrate it. Don't get hung up on lusting after a move that is super advanced, be proud of every small step you take in that direction, as it'll all help build up to get you there eventually.

I've never done any traditional dance classes, or any kind of gymnastics - I can't even do a headstand or cartwheel. Pole looks like you need to be super strong and flexible to be able to do it, but that couldn't be further from the truth. You improve along the way, building your strength and flexibility as you go. It's amazing how quickly the improvements happen, even if you just go to one lesson a week

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  • "Thanks Jamie for the 40th Birthday Pole Party! We all had a great time and showed off our shimmies at Minnies later that night! It was a really good start to the night, Ill recomend to my freinds!" ~Maura Phillips~
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