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Interview with a Poledancer! - with Helen Green

This week, with the run up to the Authentic Pole Dance competition in June. in Interview with a Pole Dancer, we ask Helen Green about her upcoming competition experience. Helen attends the Advance class at Defy Gravity.

How long have you been a Pole Dancer?
I've been Pole dancing for exactly three years now. I started classes after compering for a Defy Gravity Showcase for Jamie,introduced by my sister Nicola,who had already been pole dancing for some time.

What made you start Pole Dance classes?
I always fancied the idea of pole dancing but kept putting it out of my mind, making the excuse that I wouldn't have the time being a single,working mum. After the show I was so excited and inspired by the performers, I knew I just had to do it!

What made you decide to compete?
I decided to compete about six months into pole lessons,after watching hundreds of pole videos,and hours imagining myself performing to music that moved me. One minute I would think"I could do that"  the next"I could never". I entered the All Wales Pole Comp and did my best. I didn't place,but it hasn't deterred me. In June I'm competing in the Authentic Pole Comp 2015 in Wigan.


What do you get out of it?

It's been hard work training,all worth it though,I am nervous but so excited too! I moan to myself quite a bit during comp training,but the rewards are worth the hard work. Apart from dramatically improving fitness,polishing tricks and improving dance skills,it totally highlights my emotions and personality traits...I procrastinate...a lot.I'll practice a section of my routine I already have nailed twenty times before I move onto the bit I need to work on!

Do you have any advice for anyone just starting out?
Go at your own pace.there are weeks or months when you improve at a rate of knots...and the same when you don't seem to get anywhere.resist comparing yourself to others,and video yourself so you can see just how much you improve with time.

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Interview with a Poledancer! - with Emma Nicholson from Studio Boutique in Hull

This time we have the sexy, flexi Emma Nicholson from Studio Boutique in Hull.


How long have you been a Pole Dancer?
It’s been around 9 wonderful years now I think!


What made you start Pole?

My friend and I wanted to try something new one summer, we tried pole and I was hooked! I quickly got a pole at home and what started as a weekly lesson soon became a passion that I devoted time to almost every day and night, my life rapidly shifted to revolve around pole dancing – I embodied that cliché – ‘eat, sleep, pole, repeat’!

What do you get out of it?

Thinking about this question I realised that there isn’t much that my Pole life doesn’t provide me with – it’s my job now, it’s where I seek my challenges, it’s how I express myself, it’s how I lose myself – I’m such a pole geek - it’s everything!

To narrow it down, I think that for me, what I love the most about Pole is the opportunity it gives me to express myself. Through clothes, music and movement pole provides me such scope for self expression, I’m not sure there’s anything else that could provide me with that. Running my studio is an extremely exciting channel for my creativity too – I have the most fantastic students and instructors, encouraging their creativity and expression through Pole life is one of the best things about running my studio.

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Why pole dance?

1) Changing your mind set.
Over coming obstacles, being in control of your body,trying over and over to get a difficult move then nailing it, that feeling of accomplishment spills over into all areas of your life.
If you are a naturally pessimistic person, or someone who lives thier lives based on `sods law` then, mastering a pole dance sequence or trick will soonteach you that actually, you CAN do ANYTHING you want to!
Seeing a really difficult pose or trick you want to hold or master, and working hard to get it, polish it and add it to your `bag of tricks` is an empowering journey to go on.


2) Zen and escapism.
Most pole work requires 100% concentration, you need to keep your balance,you cant risk letting go, easing up a qrip and falling off. The effect of this pure concentration is a sharper, more clear mind. For most Polers it is the easiest way to lift the weight of your world off your shoulders, its impossible to worry about everyday problems while holding a balance move, or getting used to a painful move, or pushing through a strength move. Its a healthier addiction than booze, junk food, shopping...

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Interview with a Poledancer! - with Tracey Huckfield from Pagans Pole, North Wales

This time we have the hard working and super sweet Tracey Huckfield from Pagans Pole, North Wales. Also owner and creator of the All Wales Pole Dance Championships.

What made you start Pole?
So I've been pole dancing for 8 and half years now, I know to the exact week how long because I had just given birth to my baby when I started (he was just 6 days old when I had my first lesson!) You may wish to exclude the last sentence as I'm not promoting postnatal exercise, and was very naive as to the dangers back then!

What do you get out of it?
 I LOVE exercise, but usually became bored of fitness trends very quickly. I spotted a newspaper advert for pole classes when I was pregnant and thought 'hell yea', exercise and sexy sounds awesome. As soon as I was accepted I started. I always say pole dancing is like marmite, you'll either love it or hate it...I was hooked from first lesson onwards.


What do you get out of Pole Dancing? 
I get loads from pole, on many levels: personally it makes me feel confident, I am strong and toned, I can be sexy, dancey super strong, flexy any day of the week. Mentally it is a release and it is also a stimulant. With pole there are no limits, only constant achievements and goals. Socially I have made some fabulous friends within the industry, I have met some inspiring individuals, and my students have become like extended family.

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