Everything! Well, I can only vouch for myself and those Defy Gravity members and fellow Pro-Polers who share their information with me. But the general consensus is that pole dancers are very realistic when it comes to food. We don't care about trendy diets and we don't care about  `bikini bodies`. What most Pole'rs want is a body that works well and feels good, and as a side effect of having that, it will probably look good too- as an aside!

Once you fall in love with a hobby like pole dance, that involves you needing a body that works well for you, it soon becomes apparent which foods will help you with this and which ones will hinder.


You soon start paying attention to what food makes you tired and lethargic, which foods bring you up for a quick burst of energy but then leave you feeling rubbish.

What a pole dancer needs are foods that sustain them long enough to have a life. Those who train well are usually hungry a LOT! And making healthy meals more than a few times a day can become a chore.

Because of this, I like to mix one sachet of Purition whole food with Yogurt before classes and before training- fills me up for hours due to the protein content. Pole dancers need a lot of  protein to help build back up the muscles they use.

I also love Vital-Greens powder, in a glass jar, shook up with coconut water.

So, its obvious what the bad/rubbish/fake food is. I am not going to make a list here because everyone already knows by now. And do I eat bad foods? Well….yes. I had donuts last week. (Oh, the horror).
Did I eat donuts everyday? Of course not. Although if you pole danced everyday, I doubt those donuts would make a dent in how you want your pole dance body to look like. But would it make a dent in how you felt, especially when you trained? Most likely.

I say, eat what you want and ban the word `diet` from your vocab. I shall leave you with my own `Food Rules`, as it’s the little daily habits that end up giving longest lasting results.

Food Rules:

  • Coconut Oil in place of butter/margarine, for spreading and frying.
  • If coconut oil is not your thing, use grass-fed real butter. (Kerry Gold)
  • Welsh Olive Oil instead of supermarket oils. (Coedcanlas)
  • Nut and Coconut Milks in place of dairy.
  • Game or grass fed organic instead of  factory farm meat (if you eat meat).
  • Maple Syrup, Stevia or Honey in place of sugar.
  • Wholemeal bread in place of white or brown.
  •  Replace as much processed (fake) food with live (actual) food as much as poss.

Most importantly:

  • Eat when you’re hungry
  • Eat whatever your body wants (be it cereal at dinner time, or ice cream at brekkie)
  • Eat slowly and savour it
  • Finish when you feel full

(Thanks to Paul Mckenna for these tips)

Purition is now available at class, at a discount rate for Defy Gravity members.

Your personal pole dance trainer,