Motivation and discipline

Pertaining to your ultimate pole goals, and I mean ULTIMATE! Think big! What your ideal pole goals are! You wanna get strong enough to deadlift slow like Zoraya Judd, or lift those legs easily like Cleo The Hurricane? You wanna get flexy enough to slink about like Sarah Jade or Alethea Austin. Or you want to be confident enough to own it sexy style like Anna Diana Serikova or Leigh Ann Reilly?

There are two things you need to get your head round: Motivation and Discipline.

Motivation: Temporary, transient , only there to create the idea needed to gain an end result; your ultimate pole goals.


Discipline - Needed to get what you want once the Motivation has ceased.

Not feeling motivated any more does not mean that your initial goals were a bad/crap ones, motivation is not meant to stick around.

To test if your idea was a good, bad or crap one just ask yourself: Do I still want that end result? The answer will most likely be yes, so this is now where you need discipline.

Discipline does not come from the same source as motivation.
Motivation comes from being inspired by something outside if yourself .
Discipline has to come from within you. Discipline is the force needed to make you do something you don’t feel like doing.
In the words of Mel Robbins “You will NEVER feel like it!”  But you do it anyway, to get your end result.

Having a mentor, teacher or instructor in the same area of your ultimate goals (pole goals - pole dance instructor), takes a lot of the pressure of creating your own discipline off your shoulders, by holding you accountable to results, creating the opportunity for you to make gains on your end result (pole classes) and sharing their experience and knowledge of success for you to utilise.

But only if you show up. Only if you put yourself IN FRONT of your Instructor. At class, via email, even on face book. Anything. Just make the most of your instructor, it is their job to help you.
Show up for YOURSELF, not for your instructor. Show up for your Ultimate Pole Goals and because you know you deserve them.

For more on motivation and discipline, check out this 20min you tube clip:

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